Rooting my Galaxy S4

     When I originally purchased my S4 almost two months ago, one of the first thing I did was root it. There was a very [easy method] but a recent update from build version VRUAMDK to VRUAME7 wiped out the root access. After a few weeks, a new root method was found. I followed [this guide] on and I was able to regain root access. Here's what I did:

  • Downloaded Terminal Emulator from  the play store
  • Verified the Samsung USB drivers are installed.
  • Backed up my SD card on my computer
  • Formatted my microSD card as exFAT. If your microSD is 64 GB, it will automatically be formatted using exFAT. If it is less than that, you need to use a microSD card adapter to format the SD card as exFAT in windows. I was doing this on a Windows XP machine and needed to download a Microsoft update to allow me to format my car as exFAT.
  • Downloaded the files from  [this guide] and placed them on the microSD.
  • Opened the Terminal Emulator and ran the following commands (Make sure there is a space in between cd and /mnt/extSdCard):
  1. cd /mnt/extSdCard
  2. ./pwn
  3. ./

  • ./pwn runs the root exploit and ./ makes the root permanent. You will see the $ turn to a #, signifying you have root access
  • Verified root access with Root Checker and ran Super User to upgrade the binaries.
  • Rebooted the phone to check that I still have root access. 
  • Reformatted my microSD card using my phone and transferred my data back onto my card.